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ICS – Control System For Valves With Inflatable Sealing



Shut-off valves are used in transport equipment for bulk powder and granulate, whose shut-off mechanism (ball-valve, butterfly or knight-gate valves) is fitted with an inflatable sealing. The OPEN or CLOSED position of the cut-off mechanism is achieved with a pneumatic actuator. In the CLOSED position, an optimum sealing effect is achieved through an inflatable sealing between the valve body and the disc, calotte or knife.

An electro-pneumatic control unit type ICS co-ordinates the functional achievement of the OPENING / CLOSING movement of the shut-off valve and the sealing pressure.

The control unit ICS positively compliments the bar-vacotrol® family series from bar GmbH, and especially when working together with the pneumatic rotary actuator actubar®, automates complex systems operating around the valve.



The electro-pneumatic control unit ICS is installed in a cast housing, and was specially developed for implementing bar-vacotrol® solutions, and is mounted directly onto the actuator actubar® The pneumatic connection between control unit and actuator actubar® is achieved without hoses. The following function-related subassemblies are installed in and on the housing:

  • Function block
  • Multiple valve block
  • Position indication system
  • Sequence control unit with connection, operator & display interface