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bar-positurn2 is an electro-pneumatic positioner and simultaneously a 3-position control unit specially designed for pneumatic part-turn actuators. It is an economical and robust modular component of the Valve-Control-System, known as bar-vacotrol. bar-positurn2 can be mounted onto all actuators of the actubar-Series as well as onto all actuators with NAMUR interface according to VDI/VDE 3845.



Typical applications for bar-positurn2 are:

  • Butterfly valves, ball-valves and plug-valves with a regulating function such as deployed in filter technology and water treatment plants as well as in general industrial applications.
  • Flue-gas dampers, which usually find use in combustion plant or exhaust gas systems
  • Ventilation dampers in air-conditioning and similar applications
  • Dosing valves which are required for bulk material handling
  • 3-way valves with three switching positions in general industrial applications



bar-positurn2 is a 3-point positioner in 4-wire technology. The voltage supply is 24V DC. Position regulation takes place – depending on safety requirements – via special control valves, which are mounted onto the NAMUR interface. Pivoting angle is measured by a digital opto-electronic position sensor. The set point value is specified as an analog signal. The processor compares set point and actual values and drives the solenoid valve. In the steady state condition, the actuator is blocked pneumatically. Momentary operating mode of bar-positurn2 is indicated by reading-off the easy-to-read four LED´s on the cover. The valve position is recognisable through the visual indicator dome.