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The new opto-electric position indicator system bar-posiswitch was specially developed for the actubar type of actuator.

It can be placed directly onto the actubar – without brackets or feet – and therefore forms a compact unit.

Alternatively the bar-posiswitch can be mounted on all quarterturn-actuators with NAMUR interface acc. to VDI/VDE 3845 so that the unique advantages are usable at these combinations also.

One of the special features: the patented system adjusts the end positions itself!

The adjustment which is often resulting in mistakes and waste of time is not necessary any more. The position indicator system is ready for use directly after mounting.

bar-positurn has all features for wiring the solenoid valves for use for monostabile as well for bistabile valves. The expensive laying of different cables per valve each is avoided as bar-posiswitch offers all input and output signals and needs only one cable at all.