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Adjustable height for different pinion lengths with 20, 30, 40 and 50mm.

Universal mounting on NAMUR dimensions of 80 x 30 and 130 x 30mm.


The feet of the bar-switchcontrol can be easily and quickly adjusted in height; exact and safe.

The bar-switchcontrol is delivered as standard for 80 x 30 mounting. To change over to 130 x 30, simply exchange the feet.


The bar-switchcontrol can be mounted on all makes of actuator which are fitted with a signal unit interface acc. to VDI/VDE 3845.

Simplified and reduced storage of spares. Rapid mounting.

The flow paths of the valve are displayed via the red markings, which can easily be adapted to the application.

The design of the board enables the mounting of four different types of switches as well as the mounting of the terminal connector block.

Universal actuating cams
The patented actuating cam controls the electromechanical or proximity switch. Proximity switches can be operated either damped or undamped. The actuating point is easily and quickly adjusted using the setting tool. Robustness and form play a key role in the connection between actuating cam and shaft which guarantee actuating point stability