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actubar With Hydraulic Damping



actubar is the latest generation in our range of pneumatic actuators. Externally unmistakable and technically unique, the actubar offers new advantages and uses. Technically speaking, actubar is the main component in the novel valve control system bar-vacotrol.

Working together with our directly-mountable system components as bar-positurn or any other positioner of the system for actubar is monitoring and regulating automatic valves economically and effectively.


The hydraulic damper is an additional module for lengthening the actuation time. An evenly constant actuation speed is achieved through a piston which oscillates inside a cylinder containing hydraulic medium.

Torque remains the same and sudden movements are avoided so that pipework, valves and actuator are intrinsically protected.

Hydraulic dampers are deployed where there are slamming valves such as double-eccentric butterfly valves and used for preventing water surges.

And furthermore, it is possible to dictate whether the damping effect is only present at the end positions or ensures an even speed over the whole pivoting angle.

Layout of the hydraulic damper is compact. The module has been designed and constructed to be secure against manipulation, so that unplanned changes in the settings are not possible.


This unique construction of the actubar allows addition of components in accordance with VDI/VDE 3847 and best of all, without hoses or pipework.

  • Control and end switch boxes with solenoid valves can be added directly without additional piping and together form a compact unit with the actubar.
  • All commercially available signalling units can be enhanced using the standardised interface VDI/ VDE 3845.
  • End positions are adjustable between +5° and -10°in the 0° – and 90° position.
  • Flexible automation of valves via various ISO-F flange faces per actuator size.
  • Optional coatings and materials enable deployment even in aggressive environments.
  • Long service life is achieved through slide bearings on all moving parts.
  • An internal octagon in the pinion enables actubar to be universally mounted onto valves with parallel or diagonal switching angle position.
  • The blowout-safe pinion minimizes danger of accidents.
  • Extremely long switching times can be achieved.
  • A smooth, even movement of the valve is assured independent of the operating conditions.
  • A soft arrival at the end position is achieved.