VDI/VDE 3847/2

bar-vacotrol® as an integrated air duct realizes an increased level in the reduction of interfaces between actuator and control unit.

The direct mounting of positioners is available from size 008 with an additional pneumatic interface on the top of the actuator. The suitably developed generation of control components serves this interface and eliminates the need for external piping, is easily accessible and logical to operate.

The design as a closed system including a blocking function has proven itself especially for process engineering applications in the chemical industry with continuous processes.
Air guide blocks and adapters allow positioners to be replaced without shutting down the plant.

Flat air guide plates have been developed as an adaptation system to extend the range of application in connection with positioners suitable for the Ex-area.

Further adaptations in existing process plants according to customer-specific requirements can be easily realized.


Due to the small number of sealing points, emissions from leaks and the dead volume in the pipes are minimized. Process operation is less susceptible to faults and less sensitive to vibrations. External influences and emissions resulting from the process lead to damage and failures much less frequently.

As standard, the openings are sealed with a blow-out-proof and reusable screw. When retrofitting control units from the bar-vacotrol® series, only the screw plug is unscrewed from the drive housing to open the pneumatic air duct for the direct connection between drive and control unit.

In the case of changeovers, the modular system eliminates the need to adapt piping, the changeover process of components can be easily integrated into the workflows and assembly times are significantly reduced.