Automatic Butterfly-valve Type EZDS

Automatic butterfly-valve type EZDS

Product description

One-piece, blow-out safe, flow-fitting form, sealed-off and centric embedded butterfly-valve. The automated butterfly-valve is pneumatically operated (double- or single-acting).

Product Features

  • Conformity Directive 97/23/CE PED • ATEX Directive 94/9/C E ATEX
  • Testing for tightness EN12266-1 Testing for a nti-static EN12266-2
  • Very good p ower transmission through robust multi-toothing between shaft and valve-disc.
  • Easy maintenance and blowout-safe shaft by a circlip.
  • Changeable disc and seat.
  • Shaft and housing without contact to the media inside.
  • Self-lubricating bearing bush
  • Housing 80‡m epoxy-coated
  • Housing colour RAL 5017, blue
  • Seat NBR, FKM, silicone, EPDM -white on request.



Alternatively deliverable with detent lever, gear or electric actuator.