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Product description

The opto-electrical position indicator barminiswitch was especially conceived for smaller actuators. It requires a minimum of space for mounting.

The electrical connections are pluggable. The bar-miniswitch sets the switching point of the end position itself. Therefore it does not need to be opened, either for adjusting or for electrical connection.

One very special feature: a patented system sets the switching point of the end position by itself!

Special features

  • The optimum solution for the smallest of actuators.
  • Available for mounting sizes 50x25 mm and 80x30 mm. For pinion extensions 15, 20 and 30 mm.
  • Available for mechanical and inductive switches.
  • Self-setting switching point of both end positions.
  • Easy-to-read position indicator.
  • All components made from corrosion-resistant or protected materials.
  • Closed, direct mounting.
  • Pluggable, electrical connections with various plug types.