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Product description

Opto-electric position indicator for actuators/ valves with many advantages

It's got a lot to offer! The patented Switchmast.er® A lot of power and a lot of safety e.g. approx. 50% savings in time and cost for installing and using compared to previous units.

A couple of innovative ideas:

  • Rapid comfortable connecting of the cable
  • Switchmaster® opens and closes in seconds
  • Easy, rapid mounting of the telescopic feet
  • Easy and rapid adjustment of the switching points
  • Indication of the valve position recognizable from as far away as 30 m
  • Clear description of flow path ...
  • ... also for 3-way or 4-way valves
  • Constructional dimensioning prevents wrong mounting
  • Protection type IP 67 (water-tight)
  • No brackets needed
  • Can be used with all VDI/VDE 3845 classified actuators
  • High corrosion resistance and much more – but have a look yourself...