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GTD/GTE the pneumatic quarter-turn actuator

Advantages of the bar-actuator

  • Identical size of single- and double-acting actuators
  • Standard pivoting angle end adjustment from +5° to -5° Option: limit adjustment for both pivoting directions (opened and closed position)
  • Superior wear resistance through slide bearing of all moving parts
  • All components are corrosion protected
  • bar safety springs provide excellent safety conditions
  • 18 sizes
  • Various ISO flange shapes per size
  • Anti-blow-out shafts
  • 90°-, 120°- and 180° actuators


  • Reduced capital lockup: store only of the double-acting actuators, single-acting actuators can be manufactured by simple installation of springs
  • safe and easy handling because of preloaded springs
  • Sealing wear of butterfly valve is minimized
  • Positively influenced switching characteristics of butterfly valve
  • At ball valves, turbulences are avoided
  • Antrieb absolut wartungsfrei
  • actuator is completely maintenance-free
  • long service life (up to 1 million switching cycles)
  • Universally usable with any operating condition
  • reduced cost of service and maintenance
  • no risk of accident
  • cost saving through accurate assignment of required torque of the valve
  • cost saving through flexible automation of valves
  • no risk of accident
  • covering a wide application range