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Butterfly valves with pneumatic-actuators type PZR

Product description

Single part butterfly valve centrally pivoted and flowfriendly dimensioned. Sealed closure in both flow directions with exchangeable seal vulcanised onto a carrier ring. The butterfly valve is pneumatically driven and available in double or single acting construction. On customer request the butterfly valve will be configured with spring loaded open or closed default position. The butterfly valve is designed for flange clamping according to DIN 2501.
The pneumatic control of the actuator is selectable realised with either a direct mounted or separate 5/2– as well as 3/2-way-valve, both being capable to be electrically, pneumatically or manually activated.
The butterfly valve is suited for flow media such as neutral gases and fluids with a viscosity up to 120 mm²/s. Please note that media whichlead to an increase of the operation torque may require higher actuator force classification. With respect to aggressive media please refer to our material resistance table ZXWBT343.

Special Features

Butterfly valves of type PZR show the following special features:

  • Collar vulcanised onto carrier ring
  • Multiple sealed spindle
  • Disk in stainless steel 1.4408 (CF8M)
  • Open/closed position indicator
  • Direct-mounting control valve

Special types

The following spezial types can be supplied on request:

  • Corrosion resistant actuators
  • Extended temperature range
  • Seat seal made of Viton und Teflon
  • Alternatively equipped with electrical actuator (type EZR) or manual lever/gear operation (type HZR)
  • LUG-type