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Throttle Typ SDR and FDS (for double-acting actuators)

Product description

Exhaust air throttles type SDR and fine throttles type FDS are screwed into the venting connections of the control valves.
By throttling the exhaust air, the pivoting speed of double-acting actuators depending on the control valve in both directions of adjustment can be set independently.
Integrated silencers reduce the air leakage noise..


Throttleplatte Typ NDPE (for single-acting drives)

Product description

In the case of single-acting actuators, it is not possible to set the positioning speed in both directions using simple exhaust throttles. For this application, the throttle plate, type NDPE, was developed.
The assembly takes place directly between the NAMUR connection on the drive and the NAMUR control valve.
With two knurled screws, the opening and closing time of the drive can be set separately.


Valveadapter Typ VPN

Product description

With valve adapters type VPN, valves designed according to NAMUR recommendation or VDI / VDE 3845 can be flanged to drives of sizes GTD / GTE-055 to 093.
(Not required from drive size GTD / GTE-110).
(Not required from drive size GTD/GTE-110)