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3/2-Way-Electric-Valve TYP EKTV

Product description

3-way valve in stainless steel with fl oating precision ball. The valve is electrical operated and is characterised by long service life and high operational safety.

Product Features

  • Reduced bore
  • 4-fold support of the ball in half shells
  • Maintenance-free
  • Blow-out secure shaft
  • Reduced bore
  • Optic and electric limit switch enclosed with the delivery by standard
  • Manual override inclusive
  • Elektric torque limit
  • Applicaton also in vacuum and high fl ow speeds
  • Alternatively also with pneumatic actation, manual lever or geardriven available

Special Versions

  • Failsafe-type
  • Positioner-type
  • ATEX tpye

Please contact us for technical information.